Wondering Why Your Career Has Stalled?

Wondering Why Your Career Has Stalled?

There are lots of reasons your career has stalled—and many of them have nothing to do with your supervisor. If you find your career to be stuck, you need to take a hard look at how you might be contributing to the situation.

Here are some of the most common reasons things are not going as well as you had hoped.

You don’t take the initiative You fulfill only your job requirements
The position you want doesn’t exist You only want a paycheck—and it’s clear
You have an entitlement mentality You are unorganized / procrastinate
Your job skills are outdated Your personal issues affect your performance
You lack interpersonal skills You don’t follow through
You don’t implement suggestions You don’t express interest in development
You lack professionalism You have “issues” with key personnel
Of course, there are other possibilities as well but if one (or more) of the above reasons resonate with you, consider making a commitment to getting your career back on track. You can make a plan by documenting the following—and following through:
Feedback Received:    

What Needs to Work:    

My solution to fix this is:    

I can demonstrate improvement by:    

While I cannot guarantee that this will work, at a very minimum it will allow you to know that you did everything you could before you decide to move on to another employer.

If you’re considering a career change check out our free Career Change Self-Assessment Worksheet and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with updating your resume, interview prep, or more!

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